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    To sing is to breathe love into the world.

    When we co-create art where each artist's unique creative gifts are celebrated,

    When we give voice to the lost, the broken, the forgotten, and the invisible through our music, art becomes a model for greater world peace.


    Sarah is blazing the trail for contemporary interpretations of baroque monody. Her singing has been praised for its “clarity, precision, and power” and her interpretations lauded as “transformational.”


    Sarah specializes in interpreting the music of Barbara Strozzi. Perhaps the most accomplished and masterful composer of her generation in Venice, Strozzi rose above her given circumstances as a bastard child and unmarried mother of three in 1600's Venice to become a published composer and is now the clearest voice we have from all 17th-century women in the arts.


    In 2019, a dream collaboration came true when Sarah debuted with LA Opera, Beth Morrison Projects, and the Prototype Festival in a world premiere opera entitled p r i s m by an all-female writing team with all-female producers. The opera tells the story of a young woman's journey to remember the past, see herself clearly, and break free from the mental and physical prison she has built to keep herself safe. p r i s m and its composer Ellen Reid won the Pulitzer Prize for Music in 2019.


    Since the launch of her solo career in 2016, Sarah’s concert engagements have included the modern-day premiere of Freschi’s Giuditta, numerous cantatas by J. S. Bach, as well as his Johannes Passion, B Minor Mass, Magnificat, and Missa Brevis; Vivaldi’s In furore iustissimae irae and Dixit Dominus; Scarlatti’s Lidio e Clori; Handel's Messiah and Dixit Dominus; Mozart’s Mass in C minor and Requiem; and Haydn's Mariazeller Messe and Creation Mass.


    Her world premieres include Child in the opera Upon This Handful of Earth by Gisle Kverndokk; Surprisingly Poetic Moments from an Otherwise Typical Hiking Guidebook, a song cycle by Abraham Z. Morrison; Drawing Down the Moon, an opera by Hunter Long; and Trespass by poet Sokunthary Svay and frequent collaborator Pamela Stein-Lynde. Pamela also wrote I will not go for Sarah, an extended work for violin and voice.

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    email sarah [at] sarahhawkey [dot] com