Signature Multi-Page Custom Website with Everything Included (in 4 weeks)

Cost: $1985
Multi-page site with all this included:

Multi-Page custom website
Retouching for 1 photo
Custom fonts installed
SEO all set up
Domain all set up
Your own email address (like set up
Custom logo

is a $2240 value for $1985 which includes all setup, SEO, domain, a logo, and a photo retouched. Turnaround time is 4 weeks or sooner. We set up an initial meeting via Zoom week 1, as well two check-ins weeks 2 & 3, and a final approval meeting week 4. These take place Zoom.
More Details

To see the Treehouse Music School Website live, click here!  

Please note, I'll invoice you each year (or 2 years, depending on the hosting & domain plan we choose) for those fees.  They're nominal, about $24/year for your domain and about $63/year for your hosting.  You'll set up the payment for G-Suite directly, so you don't have to go through me for that.  It's about $6/mo and so worth it!  If we choose custom fonts for your branding (which I do recommend!) those are only about $15-20 for an entire font "family" which is also totally worth it, and I'll invoice you for that separately, that's just a one-time cost.  xo, Sarah